Patriarchy vs. the Powder Room

Groups of women heading to the bathroom together are no laughing matter


Where to Attend Reclaim the Streets Vigils in Your Area

Want to take a stand and give remembrance to Sarah Everard? Here's when and where

By Evie Muir
March 12, 2021

Mind & Body

I Am Asexual, Aromantic, and Proud AF

Lo Fox shares her story of discovering her sexuality and holding space for her existence

By Lo Fox
March 11, 2021

Current Affairs

A Tale of Two Interviews

What the past six years, and the firm, have taken from Meghan Markle, and the

By Caroline Frost
March 10, 2021

Sex & Relationships

Do I Really Like You or Are You Just Not Giving Me Attention?

Izzy Copestake explores why we romanticize rejection in her monthly column, An Ode to a

By Izzy Copestake
March 9, 2021


Women’s Charities to Support Today and All Days

Take action this International Women's Day with some of our favorite non-profits

By Tea Adesanya
March 8, 2021


9 Inclusive IWD Events You Can Attend From Home

Evie Muir spotlights the events doing IWD right

By Evie Muir
March 6, 2021


We Need To Make Non-Consensual Deepfake Porn Illegal

Bea Hartshorn sheds light on this pervasive issue, and tells us what we can do

By Bea Hartshorn
March 6, 2021

Sex & Relationships

Your Inclusive Sex Toy Questions Answered

Poppy Lepora, founder of Self & More, is creating a safe space to talk about

By Ellen Atlanta
March 5, 2021


A Domestic Abuse Survivor in Conversation with Nicole Jacobs

Evie Muir talks to the U.K.'s first ever Domestic Abuse Commissioner

By Evie Muir
March 3, 2021

Mind & Body

March Horoscopes

Mercury went direct, and it's officially Pisces season. Could things be looking up?

By Valentina Vale
March 1, 2021

Sex & Relationships

The Revolutionary Rise of Situationships

What TikTok’s new ‘I want a boyfriend but not a relationship’ trend says about our

By Alya Mooro
February 26, 2021

Mind & Body

My Sister’s Anorexia and My Guilt

Louisa Grace reflects on the volatile and delicate relationship between two sisters and their bodies

By Louisa Grace
February 25, 2021

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