June Horoscopes

June Horoscopes

Money moves, healing old wounds, and finding love are the name of the game this month

Happy birthday, Gemini babes. From now until June 20, the astro vibe is all about you. And it’s affecting all of us. Read on to see which signs are feeling like pulling a Gemini and switching things up. Towards the end of the month, as we enter Cancer season, we might feel compelled to revisit our childhood experiences and ask ourselves how it’s shaping our adult lives.

Remember to read your sun, moon, and rising for the full ‘scope.


Pay close attention to your schedule this month, Aries. If you’ve been juggling a lot, you need to cut out the frivolous time sucks and drop them into the trash. This includes work tasks that just aren’t serving you or the job, and it also includes people. Who and what is asking too much of you? Take some space from them. Your main focus this month is to ensure you aren’t wasting your time. If anyone knows the value of time and self-care and attention, it’s you and your Taurus neighbor.


You’ve got money on the mind in June, Taurus. It’s time to take a long, hard look at your finances and ask yourself the hard-hitting questions, whatever they may be for you. If you’re wanting to save or invest, now is the perfect time to learn the basics. If you’re looking to spend less, might we suggest reeling in the self-care spending habits and make a budget instead? More importantly, you should remember that you’re not alone when it comes to money woes. A lot of others are in the same boat. Be open and honest and you’ll find support to lean on in times of need—or when you’re seriously asking yourself if you should buy another pair of $50 underwear. The answer, at least in June, is no.


It’s Gemini season, and we know you’re doing it up right, little birthday babies. The month of June is all about you, you, and more you. Excited? We are too. Aside from all of the celebrating we know you’ll be doing, this month is also a great time for you to switch up your life—even just a little. Have you been waffling back and forth with your appearance lately? Maybe wanting to implement a new healthy habit or revamp your identity completely? For the twins of the zodiac sign, this back and forth is not unusual, but you do need to make a choice before the indecision consumes you. Later in the month, you’ll receive some recognition at work. You’ll enjoy it a little, but it’ll also leave you asking yourself the questions: What do I value nowadays? And how can I get more of that? You’re growing up, Gems. We’re so proud of you.


This month, it’s all business for you, Cancer. And it’s looking pretty good. You’re used to approaching situations in timid ways, but this month that changes for you. Although you’re taking time to yourself after a tumultuous couple of months, you’re not actively avoiding life as you sometimes tend to do. That’s growth. Indulge in what brings you pleasure this month. Do you want to spend the afternoon reading? Do it. Want to take yourself out on a date? Go for it. Prioritize your needs above all else this month and is anyone has anything to say about it, unleash the wrath of the crab. People need to learn to respect you. In turn, you need to respect yourself, too. Towards the end of the month, don’t be surprised if you get the itch to start reconfiguring your financial situation. If you’re looking to start a saving or investment plan, now is the time.


Leo, are you missing your audience, a.k.a your friends? They’re missing you too. Over the past couple of months, you’ve been engaging in some deep, introspective work. Who are you? What do you want? Where do you want to be? If you’re feeling bogged down by your thoughts and plans—or lack thereof—we recommend taking some time to play. Call up your friends, even just your acquaintances, and shake up your routine. Have some fun and reconnect with what makes life worth living. Sometimes the quickest way to discovering your inner questions is to surround yourself with folks that love you.


You’ve got your future on the brain, Virgo, and this month, you’re pulling out all the stops to ensure you’re going where you want to go. Good for you. You might experience sleepless nights or midday brain fog. Instead of pushing it to the side and counting sheep to make it through, be still and listen instead. Approaching an old problem with a new solution could be the way to make it to the other side. This month isn’t all stress and anxiety over next steps (although you shouldn’t worry, because you’re divinely protected). You’ll have some fun too. Just remember to make space for it.


You’re feeling the scales shift from overworked to a more balanced approach to life, and for the justice-seekers of the zodiac, this pleases you greatly. Good for you, Libra. You’re in the mood to stop, collaborate, and listen—but mostly collaborate. Find the people in your life who share your visions and latch onto them. They need you too. With your powers combined, you’re sure to rise to new heights.


Scorpio, you’re in your feels this month, but that’s par for the course for you. You’re no stranger to grief and pain, but you’re worthy of so much love too. This month, you might feel haunted by past memories and old hurt. Listen to it. Give it a voice so it can tell you what it needs, and you can actively show it the door. Getting this closure will help you as you continue to move through life in the way you know how to best: creatively and with emotional expression. If anyone has the tools to activate their deep healing this month, it’s you, Scorpio.


You’ll be faced with reevaluating your life this month, Sag, and if that sounds overwhelming, it’s because it is. But you can handle it. Take a moment to get clear on what it is you want. A new job? New location? New opportunity? Write it down and get ready for it to happen. You’ll first need to make space for your abundance to come in, so channel your inner Virgo and get to cleaning. Take a step back and look at the bigger picture if you start to feel overwhelmed. One step at a time. It’ll all be worth it.


Feeling overworked and downright annoyed? Join the club, Capricorn. As the most straightforward (and way harsh, Tai) of the earth signs, you have no issues setting work boundaries and scheduling your off days to meet your other needs. Although too much play and not enough focus on your professional goals isn’t recommended for the long-term, we encourage it in the month of June. Ease into the summer doing things your way so you can regain your energy to tackle your career to-do list again.


Your one job this month is to have fun. Let that sink in, Aquarius. It speaks volumes, doesn’t it? We know letting loose and having a good time with no strings attached is easier said than done, but it will benefit you in so many ways. Perhaps there’s a new creative endeavor you’re inching towards, or a new hobby you’ve always wanted to explore but never had the time. Well, now you do. So, get to work—but make it fun work!


Your mind is swimming around in childhood memories this month, Pisces, and you might be spending extra time focusing on how your childhood shaped how you respond to stimuli in adulthood. That’s so poetic of you. We love this about you. This past year, you’ve undergone a metamorphosis and you’re very close to re-entering the world as a brand new you. Sometimes nostalgia is healing, and sometimes it hinders our growth. Be sure to grab ahold of the reigns on this one. If you’re in the mood for love, lean into those feelings, because love is in the mood for you too.

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