October Horoscopes

October Horoscopes

Ready to find out what’s in the stars for October? Read on.

We are officially in Autumn after the equinox on the 22nd of September! Bring on cosy cardigans, pumpkin spice lattes and maybe even the central heating, but unfortunately, it’s also time for another dreaded Mercury retrograde. Lasting from the 13th of October until the 3rd of November, it’s everyone’s least favourite planetary movement. Expect miscommunications aplenty, technology mishaps and delays to anything and everything. We all need to be prepared to put our plans on hold and adapt, and our minds will turn to happier times in the past for reminiscence. Don’t commit to anything big or important during the retrograde without serious thought, and avoid impulsivity at all costs.

We need to be extra careful with everything that’s going on, and even more so with Mercury retrograde. The Full Moon on the 1st of October is also going to throw a spanner in the works. Take a deep breath and tread carefully.


23rd September to 22nd October

Happy birthday Libra! Hopefully, you’re making time to chill out and maybe spend some time with your nearest and dearest. October is looking good for you, although it will take a little time to get going. At the start of the month, you’ll find yourself struggling to relax, as Uranus’ energy is upping your anxiety levels.

Be flexible around this time as you’re likely to want to cancel plans, however by the end of the first week you should be feeling like your old self again. The Sun and Jupiter are bringing a little luck your way, most likely in your professional life. Just don’t get too excited, as overconfidence could lead to an opportunity being taken away. Don’t take on too much and instead enjoy what’s coming your way. Around the end of the month Venus is bringing a little romance to your life, so enjoy the attention.


23rd October to 21st November

Uranus has been shaking things up for you this year, Scorpio! Expect the unexpected and brace yourself as you’re likely to feel a little on edge. This transition has been ongoing since June, so if you’ve been feeling strange, this is why. Uranus is moving out of your chart on the 23rd though, so the end of October should feel a little calmer. Around the middle of the month, you’ll be wanting to spice up your love life; you’ll be out on the prowl if you’re single, or try something new in the bedroom if you’re in a relationship.

Venus’ influence is strong this month, so expect intensity and passion throughout October – get it, girl. At the end of the month Mercury is upping the tempo, so plan ahead as you’re likely to be busy or you may find yourself feeling stressed. 


22nd November to 21st December

You may be feeling a little needy this month, Sagittarius. That may be unusual for you, so try not to push away your feelings. Instead, express them, or you may start feeling anxious and insecure in love. In the second week of September, the Sun and Neptune are forcing you to walk a tightrope. There’s a mystery that needs to be unravelled but be careful not offend anyone as you get to the bottom of it.

Later in the month Venus and Neptune are causing more trouble, with both your love life and finances looking rocky. Be careful who you trust, and keep those who may not have your best interests at heart at arm’s length. At the end of October, things are looking up, with your romantic and financial life improving after the previous week’s confusion. This will be a great time for dating, so do something special.


22nd December to 19th January

You’ll have to work hard at the start of this month, Capricorn. Keep your head and down and do the work without kicking up a fuss and you’ll get through it. Try not to push your boss’ buttons – you’ll regret it if you do. Later in the month, you’ll feel the need to spice things up in the bedroom – if you’re not able to, try and work out that energy through exercise or creative pursuits.

Around the 12th Venus’ influence means you’re going to be a real smooth-talker. Need to mend a friendship or ask for a promotion at work? Now is your chance to go for it. The last week of October will be a good one, with everything seeming to go just right. Mercury retrograde may interfere with your plans, but you’ll find that everything somehow still works out, so don’t stress.  


20th January to 18th February

October is a bit all over the place for you, Aquarius. The month begins with Mercury and Uranus’ restless energy making you easily distracted, unable to settle on one thing. Be flexible and allow yourself to move from one project to another – there’s no point fighting it. Around the second week of October, Neptune and the sun are making you more sensitive to negative energy. So, surround yourself with positivity, even if that means making sure you have plenty of alone time. Otherwise, you may find your self-esteem suffers due to others.

Later in the month Mercury’s retrograde will have a big effect on you – remember to think before you speak as much as possible, or miscommunication will be a real problem for you. At the end of the month, Venus’ influence will be bringing you back down to earth. Stress will melt away, and you’ll finally feel able to breathe. Just hold on Aquarius, you’ll get there. 


19th February to 20th March

Mercury is bringing you some good news to start the month, Pisces! This is also an ideal time for communication and negotiation ahead of the retrograde, so if you need to have an important conversation with someone, get it done before the 13th and you’re sure to get the result you want.

Later in the month Venus trine Uranus will make you feel more affectionate, meaning a new romance could be on the cards, or potentially there may be some unexpected money coming your way. Around the third week of October, Mercury and Uranus are mixing things up and you’re not going to like it. Anxiety will be on the up, but, if you can keep an open mind, some unexpected opportunities may arise from your discomfort that will make it worthwhile. This is compounded by the Sun and Uranus’ interaction at the end of the month – you might resist change at first, but it can offer you some new insights into yourself. 


21st March to 19th April

Feeling a bit lost, Aries? It’s not surprising, as Mars and Pluto will have you desperately grasping for some semblance of control. Expect feelings of jealousy and high anxiety as you start the month, but remember that the people that seem to have it all sorted are often just as panicked as you are. 

Be patient and tactical, and avoid being impulsive – it will backfire. You’ll continue to feel a little lost throughout the month, so try to keep calm. Around the end of October, you’ll start to see through the mists, and you may find yourself with renewed resolve and increased understanding of yourself and others. 


20th April to 20th May

You’ll be feeling restless this month, Taurus, and are probably raring to go with a whole load of new projects. Take your time though, and try not to make any concrete plans – flexibility is the key for October. Later in the month, some unexpected news might leave you feeling anxious, but be careful not to overreact. Keep an open mind about your plans needing to change, and don’t blame others (or yourself) for things that are out of their control. Around the end of the month the pace is picking up and you’re going to be busy.

You might feel like there’s far too much going on and you can’t quite process it all, but if you stick out and do your best you’ll be ending the month on a high. Listen more than you talk, work hard, and you might be surprised by how good this month turns out. 


21st May to 20th June

The month is starting out chilled for you, Gemini. Harmony in your life will keep you calm and stress-free up until the retrograde, so take advantage and get shit done in the first two weeks of the month. Once we hit the retrograde your life is going to get a little less zen, so plan ahead as best you can.

Neptune is going to make you more sensitive to others’ negativity, so work on your self-esteem and try and be kind to yourself this month. Be wary of people trying to take advantage of you later in October, and avoid putting people on a pedestal – nobody is perfect. The month should end on a high for you, with Mercury bringing good news and friendship. Expect engaging conversations and you’re going to be more persuasive than ever, so now is the time to go after what you want. 


21st June to 22nd July

Not gonna lie, October doesn’t start out great for you, babe. You’re going to spend the first half of the month working hard for not much of a reward, and you’re likely to feel unappreciated at work. Authority figures will be testing you, and pushing you hard, but try not to rise up and say something you’ll regret. Keep your head down and remember why you’re doing this.

Around the middle of the month, things should start looking up, with Mercury bringing you good news and exciting conversations, and Venus is pointing you in the direction of some romance and financial opportunities. This is a great time for socialising and negotiation, so remind yourself of what you want, then go and get it. Your month ends with a burst of energy thanks to Mars square Jupiter, which will give you the drive to start a new project and take necessary risks. Think things through though, as you have a tendency to jump the gun.


23rd July to 22nd August

October starts in typical Leo fashion for you, with the Sun bringing bucket loads of energy and excitement to your life. Your self-confidence is on the up, and that positive attitude will help you make a great first impression. Use that energy and drive and make progress on any important projects at the start of the month.

Around the middle of the month Neptune will be making your anxiety spike, so be sure to surround yourself with positive energy and make time for yourself to relax. Otherwise, you may find your mental health spiralling untended. Around the end of the month, things will pick up again, with Mars bringing you passion and energy. This is also a great time for your love life, so if you like someone, let them know. Trust your instincts, they’re showing you the way forward. 


23rd August to 22nd September

This month is starting out relatively relaxed for you, Virgo. You’ll be feeling chilled out and affectionate, so focus on increasing harmony in yourself and in your relationships. Spend some time planning for the long-term, but be prepared to be flexible in the short-term. Around the middle of the month Mercury’s influence, despite its position in retrograde, will be helping you out.

Now is a great time for negotiation and pursuing work, but, be careful and think before you speak. Around the end of the month, the Sun’s conjunction with Mercury will lead to the need for some quick thinking, but also enjoyable conversations. There are lots of socialising on the cards, although it may be online only. The very end of October is a period of change. You may resist at first, but keep an open mind – the opportunities that could arise and shift your mindset. 




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